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£59 per month


plus a £100 joining fee

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Waiting list benefits include 10% off Food & Beverage PLUS 2 guest passes per month!

With 10 fantastic leisure facilities all bundled into one simple membership package choose MORE at CottesMORE


Spin Studio

Fitness Classes


18 Hole Golf

9 Hole Golf

Swimming Pool



Steam Room

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A variety of equipment's available from treadmills, rowers to multistations

Build up your stamina in a group environment with both virtual and live instructor classes available

Whatever your goal, we have a wide variety of daily classes led by our PT experts

Unlimited golf on the

Phoenix Course

Unlimited off peak golf on the Griffin Course

Play a few sets on our courts

Start or end your work routine with a swim in our brand new pool

Wind down and experience the ultimate in relaxation

The perfect post-workout indulgence

Relax in the sauna after a dip in the pool

Country Club Membership

What you get with your

10% On Food

Enjoy our delicious eggs benedict, crispy bacon & avocado salad or book your next Sunday lunch

Looking to play MORE golf on our 18 hole Griffin course?

Enjoy affordable peak-time rounds.

Golf Credits Matrix

With our CottesMORE membership, you can get more golf from just £2 per round. This is the ultimate country club membership if you're a regular golfer.

Your monthly fee is still just £59/month and includes all the benefits of the CottesMORE membership. However, if you want to play peak time golf on weekends or weekdays, you can pay for it using our new Golf Credits system.

And the best bit, there's no annual commitment.

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How Golf Credits Work

Peak-time golf

The Griffin is a classic 18 hole parkland course with beautiful trees and vistas. Water on several holes offers further challenges, whilst tee times are either free or can be paid for using Golf Credits.

The Phoenix is a 9 hole golf course and offers a great introduction to golf. All members receive free unlimited golf, making The Phoenix the perfect course if you’re trying golf for the first time or simply practicing your short game.

The Griffin Course

The Phoenix Course



All In One Membership includes unlimited:

Looking to play the main golf course...

✓ 18 Hole Golf Off Peak
✓ 9 Hole Golf

✓ Gym

✓ Fitness Classes

✓ Spin Studio

✓ Tennis

✓ Swimming Pool

✓ Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam Room

✓ No Contract


No Monthly Commitment

Membership will no longer be with 12 months commitment. You can cancel your subscription with us anytime by giving just 30 days notice.

All in One

Health Club Access

Unlimited Golf on the Phoenix

Off Peak on the Griffin

Referral Rewards

Refer a new member and have £25 added to your levy card.

Loyalty Reward

Every 1st of May, all Country Club members (excluding juniors)will receive £50 levy top up for preceding 12 months.

£20/ Month

*Aged 3 - 18 years old

£59/ Month

*Aged 19 - 29 years old


£51/ Month

£59/ Month




Only pay for your peak time golf you play on the Griffin Course using your Golf Credits

Golf Credits Matrix
How Golf Credits Work

Peak-time golf

2000 Members excluding Juniors

We have reached our 2000 members and implemented a £100 joining fee.

Member Cap

Assumed 48 weeks of golf per year

Example Usage of the Griffin Course

Member Profile

Plays twice midweek during the morning

Summer credits:

Winter credits:

Total annual cost

12 credits/ week + monthly £59

= £107/month

6 credits/week + monthly £59

= £83/month

= £1,140

96 rounds = £11.86/round

Hover on the image to reveal the price breakdown

Plays at peak-time weekend, one peak-time weekday and an evening round each week

Summer credits:

Winter credits:

Total annual cost

15 credits/ week + £59

= £119/month

9 credits/week + monthly £59

= £95/month

= £1,284

144 rounds = £8.92/round

Joins for the summer period, May to October & plays everyday after 4 PM

No credits required

Total 6 month membership cost:

= £354

182 rounds = £1.95/round

Gym orientated but plays once a fortnight at either peak-time midweek or weekend

Summer credits:

Winter credits:

Total annual cost

17 credits/month + monthly £59
= £76/month

9 credits/month + monthly £59

= £68/month

= £864

24 rounds = £6.50/round

Tap on the image to reveal the price breakdown

Take advantage of your 10% on meals on our Phoenix Bar & Restaurant.

This is perfect for families looking for a meal out together or corporate meetings with views overlooking the course.

Check out our menu below

and book a table today.

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Limited membership spaces available!

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What was wrong with the old membership subscription system?


I only want to swim, or attend classes, or play golf, why do I have to pay for the other facilities?


Can I still pay annually?


Can I pay my monthly subscription by bank transfer or in cash?


I’m a fair weather golfer! Am I correct in thinking I can leave during winter and rejoin in Spring?


By paying annually I used to get 12 months for the price of 11?


Will I lose my Golf Credit if I cancel my membership?


Do I have to pay and England Golf Union (EGU) affiliation fee?

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